The Pacific Gateway story begins with two brothers in a two-room office in Omaha, Nebraska. Arthur and Jack Ringwalt followed in the footsteps of their father and uncle who were prominent fire insurance agents in Omaha after moving to the area in 1880.


In 1940, the Ringwalt brothers founded National Indemnity Company, a specialty insurance firm focusing on taxi liability insurance. Jack Ringwalt and former president Phil Liesche originally founded Ringwalt & Liesche in 1950 as an owned general agency of the National Indemnity group of insurance companies.


Three years later, Jack Ringwalt founded Northern States Agency in St. Paul, Minnesota, as another owned general agency and distribution center for National Indemnity Company.


By 1967, stock control changed from founder Jack Ringwalt to Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway Inc.


In order to expand distribution in the West for both National Indemnity and Berkshire Hathaway, Pacific Gateway opened its doors in 1995 in Los Angeles.


Many changes have occurred in the time since, including expanding our appetite from commercial auto to include general liability, commercial property, professional liability, workers' compensation, inland marine, and more.


Jack D. Ringwalt, left, and Warren Buffett.
National Indemnity
March 12, 1957

Years later we still strive to adhere to Jack Ringwalt's founding principles: that there is a proper rate for every legitimate risk and traditionally risky classes such as long-haul trucks, taxis, rental cars, and public buses should not be arbitrarily rejected.


Ringwalt and Liesche opened the Denver, Colorado, office in 2017 to expand product offerings into the Rocky Mountain region, and together our three brands are now able to serve the needs of our customers from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.


Since 1950 our agency group has been dedicated to serving retail agents and brokers for the placement of non-standard transportation and small to medium-sized commercial lines business in an ever-changing world of insurance.